The Wild Witch

For so long, the word witch has gotten a bad rep. It’s been misconstrued, misrepresented, and misunderstood for far too long. But what is a witch? A witch is an unapologetically powerful woman. She is tuned into her power & uses it with purpose. She both understands & respects her innate gifts and divine cosmic energy. I, myself am a wild witch. I am a 3rd generation, Oshun-worshipping, love-centering, hedge witch. And I love it. It took me a long time to own it, but now that I do, I do so proudly. I love my gifts and I use them with purpose.

The truth is, there is magic in all of us. Your passions & talents are your magic. It’s what you’re supposed to share loudly with the world. My potions are vibrational sprays made with love. They’re designed to help you feel your best through shifting your energy. My potions are a combination of florida water, essential oils, & semi-precious stones. They are basked in moon magic, and individually fused with my magical intention.

Each essential oil grouping used in each potion is precisely picked out for its cumulative benefits. The trio set of oils is selected by benefit, smell, and natural structure. The semi-precious stones added to the potion enhance the vibration by adding powerful crystal magic. I align each batch with the moon cycle, to add strength to the potion. Lastly, I set a magical intention for each individual bottle, making it incredibly potent.

Spray in good love & health! Spray to raise your vibration! Spray to harmonize your space! Spray to protect your energy!